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The Juries of the Creative Writing Contest

We are happy to present you the juries of the Creative Writing Contest, which is organized as part of the Youth Participation for Developing Sustainable Green Cities Project funded by the European Union. This activity is a contest where young people will express their original writings on environmental protection, climate change, and sustainable green cities. With this activity in the project; It is aimed to reach young people who want to work in sustainable and green cities and have good writing skills and to create a community with these young people for the association to be established later in the project. The works of the applicants will be published and shared on the project and organization’s channels.


Valentina Capocefalo is PhD student in Literature, Arts and environmental Heritage at the University of Milan. Interested in sustainability and socio-territorial regeneration projects and the related governance processes, she is particularly involved in urban agriculture at the micro-scale in the Milan area, collaborating with local institutional bodies and associations. Her studies are focused on agroecology and the relations between humans and non-humans inside the socio-ecosystems, through action-research methods.


Vlasis Manolias is an educator, graduated from Greek Language and Literature Department of A.U.TH., with post-graduate studies in Language Education in H.O.U. and in Counselling and Vocational Guidance in ASPETE. He prepares students for National Exams in the subjects Ancient and Modern Greek Language and Literature and for Certificates of Attainment in Greek. He has been volunteering and working in NGOs as an EU Project Manager, Employability Officer, Educator and Human Resources Assistant. He has also participated in various educational projects about literature, youth and adult education, vocational training, migration and intercultural communication in Greece and abroad.


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