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Templates of Gamified E-Learning Programs: Implementing the Conceptual Framework of the Sparks Project

The Sparks Project, a Strategic Partnership for Digital Education Readiness co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, continues to produce the “sparks” needed for digital transformation at a good pace in the partner countries Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Romania. 

After having produced the Conceptual Framework for Gamified E-Learning Programmes, it was time to test it and produce the Templates for Gamified E-learning Programmes

How did we do it? Through Codesign Labs that brought together the Sparks Project team with VET Teachers and Trainers among other stakeholders, who together built training programme templates based on the Conceptual Framework. 

A total number of 133 participants took part in the Labs, such as 114 teachers and trainers, 11 learners and 5 volunteers. 

  • 25% of the teachers/trainers are working in Upper-secondary VET
  • 35% in Post-secondary 
  • 38% Continuing VET

Designed with and for education and training experts, each Template includes the necessary information to design engaging learning experiences through gamification. They will be the foundations of the interactive templates and wizard that will be available on the project’s e-Learning platform, where teachers and trainers, from December 2022, will be able to generate their gamified programs. 

The publication detailing the Templates development process, structure and description is available on the project’s official website at

The consortium is now entering the production phase of the Sparks platform that  will be tested in pilot with VET providers and learners and refined accordingly, if you are interested in testing it please contact us using the information provided below.

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