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Help line by ΚΕΑΝ

We are pleased to announce you that KEAN voluntarily operates since today and for the next two months a Support Call Center.

The Support Call Center provides advice, support and information to asylum seekers, refugees, staff & members of NGOs, public institutions and other actors regarding the provision of services related to the public services of our country.

The Call Center operates daily from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 16:00 and provides direct phone support to issues such as:

  • the issuance of AMKA & the issuance of VAT number (AFM),
  • the issuance of a Health Insurance Card (in accordance with the procedure and the applicable legislation),
  • the access to Social Solidarity Services and support services for Social Solidarity Income (KEA) applications or K.E.P.A. allowance,
  • the registration in the OAED and the issuance of an unemployment card,
  • the issuance of a bank account to a credit institution,
  • the enrollment of children in Primary or Secondary Schools,
  • the enrollment of adults in Secondary Education,
  • the access to employment and the job market,
  • the defense of their rights.


Our purpose is to strengthen horizontal and streamlined information sharing between Public Institutions, NGOs & PoCs!


Support Call Center: +30 26510 38024 & +30 210 26 92 880

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