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Environmental Activities in Schools – proGIreg HORIZON 2020

📣 We are proud of the 2 events we held as part of the #proGIreg progect. 👏
👉 On Tuesday 16/11, and on Thursday 18/11 in collaboration with the Municipality of Piraeus and the proGIreg partners from Urban Sofia and RWTH Aachen University Summer and Winter School University, we visited the 5th Primary School of Piraeus and 7th High School of Piraeus, to present the proGIreg project and promote public participation in the creation of new green spaces. 👏👏👏
Teachers and students were actively engaged in the development of the school garden, to host fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and other decorative species. 🌿🌳🌷🌻
These spaces represent a key element to implement educational activities integrated in the school curricula, related to environmental awareness, sustainability, biodiversity, nutrition, along with basic principles of gardening and maintenance. 🌎
By answering to specific questionnaires, both the teachers and the students helped the proGIreg team to imagine future activities and the project’s next steps. 👏👏👏

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