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Training Workshop: “Biodiversity and conservation of historic gardens”

On Monday 28th March KEAN, with the collaboration of Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), organized a training workshop titled “Biodiversity and conservation of historic gardens” in the framework of the Erasmus + project “OIG – Oltre il Giardino – Social Inclusion observatory”

The purpose of the workshop was to empower the young participants, help them familiarize with the concept of biodiversity and sustainable management of parks and gardens, support them to make connections between the field and the labor market and encourage them to improve their skills and curricula.

The professors from AUA (Gerassimos Arapis, Angeliki Paraskevoloulou, Hara Forestieri) guided the group through the National Garden, describing the different areas of the park and providing the participants with educational material regarding biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and sustainability.

The workshop enabled also a very interesting and fruitful discussion between the trainers and the participants, who shared their different background, experiences and knowledge regarding gardening techniques.


(Note: The participants were the kids from our shelters and their tutors/interpreters)



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