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SOS Centers: Kick-off meeting in Sofia

The official Kick-off meeting of the European project “School Organized Support Centers – SOS Centers” in Sofia took place on 24th and 25th March 2022.  Opportunity and Protection Association (Chance) hosted the meeting with the valuable presence of all participants!

Through a constructive conversation, the partners discussed:

  • The understanding of the project’s objectives and the action plan
  • The analysis of the deliverables of each organization
  • The planning of the next steps.

The project proposal refers to preventing and combating violence against children (VAC) in the context of COVID-19 pandemic, which changed the life of children. In order to keep children’s opportunities to report VAC and seek support, the proposal sets the following objectives:

  1. To reinforce mechanisms of early detection, reporting, and supporting (potential) victims by establishing SOS centers in 9 schools and 2 child sports clubs that will have a positive impact on 1400 children.
  2. To upgrade the capacity of 140 stakeholders and relevant professionals to detect and respond to violence against children (VAC).
  3. To increase the practice at EU level in the area of applying child participation to prevent and respond to violence against children (VAC).

A new project starts with enthusiasm and optimism for new innovative artistic creations with social impact. All partners have committed to the project and the importance of team working. During the meeting, management, financial, and organizational issues were also discussed. The action plan for the next months was also decided.


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