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Κεντρικά Γραφεία

C/Juan Fernández, 4, 29014, Málaga


+34 686 812030

Ώρες Επικοινωνίας

Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 16:pm

About Actividades Alternativas, KEAN

KEAN SPAIN was legally constituted in 2014 and operates independently of any government. ‘KEAN – Actividades Alternativas’ aims to find ways in order to make the world a more sustainable and fair place. Developing programs related to human rights, environment, animal wellbeing, multiculturality and protection of children and vulnerable individuals.

 We expressly prohibit the distribution of any profit and have staff and volunteers working for our main purposes, which are:

  1. Provide education and tools for environmental protection and awareness.
  2. Collaborate with other organizations, communities, authorities, research centers and public bodies in order to facilitate dissemination and effectiveness.
  3. Create and implement educational material in terms of diversity & culture, sport & healthy habits, new technologies, discrimination & bullying, violent behaviour and racism.
  4. Give support to vulnerable individuals such as unemployed, immigrants, people with special needs, victims of abuse or trafficking, ex-users of addictive substances, and facilitate social inclusion.
  5. Promote solidarity and active participation in the design and implementation of social programs and actions.
  6. Encourage citizens to develop good practices and awareness regarding pet and animal wellbeing.
  7. Disseminate practices of respect and empathy.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, the foundation implements a wide range of activities, including educational and training workshops, scientific research and analysis, democratic debates, volunteering activities, events, dissemination, visibility and awareness raising activities.

Since KEAN SPAIN started its activity  it has been able to develop national projects such as ‘free-range’, host others like ‘Breaking the wall’ and be part of international ones like ‘LAUGH’, ‘WHISTLE’, ‘AMELIA’ or ‘PAW’. In collaboration with national and European authorities, as well as NGO’s.

Staff and volunteers at KEAN- Actividades Alternativas are energetic, positive and honest people with skills and eagerness to contribute to a better and happier world.