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The second transnational meeting of the INKEY project

The second transnational meeting of the INKEY project was held in Vigo from October 25 to 26, Guests of @grupofemxa, we met with our partners @contextospt , @kean_greece and @csi_cy to discuss the progress of the project.
INKEY is a cooperation partnership co-financed by #Erasmus+ that aims to offer young people who are not studying or working new motivating and stimulating training programmes to acquire the key skills defined in the European #LifeComp Framework.
Soon the results of the first phase of the project, the state of the art analysis on the application of LifeComp in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus will be online. Meanwhile, we are working on a new methodological framework and learning experiences to support young people in developing key Personal, social and learning skills.
The report and all news about the project can be consulted on the official website:

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