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Final Event of the project “Start-up farm: Skills for future eco-farmers”







Start-up farm: Skills for future eco-farmers

Final Event: Presentation of final project’s results – Networking for future eco-farmers

KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities in cooperation with the University of the Aegean (UAegean), invite you to the Final Event of the project “Startup Farm: Skills for Future Eco-Farmers” (Geo Ergon Paideia).

The Final Event will take place on Monday 17 September 2018 at 18:00 p.m., at the Conference Room at “Natura Shop” within the Park of Environmental Awareness “Antonis Tritsis”.

During the Event the representatives of the consortium project will present the project which has been successfully implemented as well as its results and the interactive educational tools that were created.

The students from the Junior High School of Geraki from Greece and the Junior High School “Adrian V.Radulescu” from Romania, the “Future Eco-Farmers”, will share their experience of participating and will present the business plans which they created during the project.

During the Final Event, the students will be awarded and an open discussion with the public will take place.


Monday, September 17, 2018 | Conference Room at “Natura shop” Park of Environmental Awareness “Antonis Tritsis”

Entrance: Spirou Moustakli street no: 23, Ilion, Greece

18.00-18.15  Registration

18.00-18.15 Institutional Greetings – Welcome & Introduction

  • Stavros Arachovitis, Minister of Rural Development & Food*
  • Dimos Verdos, Mayor of the Municipality of Evrotas


  • The concept
    Ioannis Gripiotis, ex-Mayor of the Municipality of Evrotas,
  • Project presentation
    Demetris F. Lekkas, Project Coordinator, Associate Professor of the Department of Environment -UAegean
    -Business plans
  • Students (business plans)
  • IZES: Importance of this activity and way forward
  • Schools and Municipalities: Supporting this activities
  • KEAN: Networking Activities
  • Sustainability –> interactive platform, focal point for other schools and municipalities

19.30-20.00 Awards to students

20.00-20.30  Open Dialogue
Panel Coordinator: Giannis Sarros



*Pending Speaker Confirmation



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