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Kick-off Meeting of the project “CORPLAY – COunter Radicalization, PLAY sport”



Kick-off Meeting of the project


COunter Radicalization, PLAY sport

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of the Erasmus+ Sport Project “CORPLAY – COunter Radicalization, PLAY sport”.

The main objective of the project “CORPLAY” is to enhance the role of sport in preventing youth radicalization, by developing a sport grassroots innovative approach to tackle intolerancexenophobia and discrimination leading to extremism, while increasing youth participation in sport.

The project aims at understanding the role of sports in both radicalization and de-radicalization processes and at arranging learning and awareness tools for grassroots coaches, referees sport managers, physical activity teachers and various stakeholders, while developing a CORPLAY perspective for policy recommendations and will provide a new and innovative perspective and framework to improve capacities and awareness of sport organizations to tackle violence and extremism and to develop a more inclusive society.

The project’s Kick-Off Meeting took place in the city of Athens on Tuesday 10 April 2018 and brought together the members of the partnership who, inter alia, set the work plan. The partners of the project are coming from 5 different countries (Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey and Portugal) and cover a wide range of expertise and experience.


Coordinating Organisation

KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities – Greece (NGO)

Partner Organisations

Usma – Italy (Sport Association)

Municipality of Evrotas – Greece (Municipality/Public Administration)

Hacettepe University– Turkey (Higher Education Institution)

Opportunity and Protection Association – Bulgaria (NGO)

Rosto Solidario – Portugal (NGO)

Οργανισμοί Εταίροι

Δήμος Ευρώτα (Ελλάδα)

Usma (Ιταλία)

Πανεπιστήμιο Hacettepe (Τουρκία)

Opportunity and Protection Association (Βουλγαρία)

Rosto Solidario (Πορτογαλία)





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