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Partners Meeting (TPM) and Learning Activities (LTT) in Athens

Between 5th April and 9th April, the partners of the project OIG – Oltre il Giardino – Social Inclusion Observatory” met in Athens, for the TPM activities (Transnational Project Meeting) and for the LTTA activities (Learning, Teaching and Training Activities).

The objective of such activities was to discuss the project progress and to promote volunteering in historical gardens as a means for inclusion. The Learning activities aimed at enabling knowledge sharing and at increasing participants’ skills, especially on organizing voluntary initiatives in historical gardens, to foster on the one hand social inclusion of vulnerable and low qualified adults and on the other hand to protect and bring citizens’ closer to these green spaces.

During the meeting, the partners had the occasion to discuss the progress and next steps of the project, as well as exchange opinions and points of view on important issues related to social inclusion, such as disabilities and accessibility.

Moreover, the group had the possibility to visit some of the most important gardens and parks of the city of Athens and to participate to training activities and workshops, learning important concepts and exchanging knowledge about biodiversity, Ecosystem services and sustainable management of green spaces.

During the meeting the participants had also the occasion to share each other’s experience and background related to social inclusion and culture, and they had a chance to get to know the local historical and cultural heritage.


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