Smart Schools and Circular Cities:

Digitalizing Learning for a Sustainable Future


The New Education Forum

The New Education Forum is a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences and contacts in the fields of vocational education and training, learning and labour market. NEF acts at a European level and has representatives from more than 190 institutions: European Regions and Cities, higher education and research institutions, VET providers, industry representatives coming from 17 EU countries compose the NEF network.

So far, NEF has taken place in several cities around Europe giving the opportunity to build innovative education network, conduct debates and create valuable partnerships, analyse local conditions, raise questions and look for answers and practical solutions, meeting the needs of the local and European labour markets.

The next edition will be hosted in Athens within the scope of the “Mentor 2.0” Project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the EU.


The Mentor2.0 project

Mentor 2.0 aims at supporting a paradigm shift in which teachers are – first of all – mentors to their students rather than just knowledge transmitters. Following on 6 years of Polish MENTOR pedagogy in the offline environment, Mentor 2.0 will develop, test and implement a conceptual framework and innovative digital platform to enhance mentorship qualities among teachers of primary and secondary education.


NEF Athens Key Themes

Closing the divide between labour market needs and the delivery of quality education can be achieved by exploring challenges, opportunities, and best practices for collaboration between education institutions, local governments, and technology providers.  The New Education Forum will emphasise on the crucial role of cross-sector collaborations and partnerships among schools, businesses, research institutions, and community organisations to bridge the divide and promote sustainable practices and digital learning in today’s dynamic labour market. By focusing on collaboration between education institutions, local governments, and technology providers, the conference aims to drive positive change, foster partnerships, and address the pressing issues in school modernisation and the delivery of relevant education within smart cities.

Smart city initiatives can help schools integrate circular and climate-neutral economy principles, by ensuring energy-efficient technologies in creating sustainable and environmentally friendly school environments. The New Education Forum intents to focus on raising awareness on waste reduction, resource efficiency, and sustainable consumption among new generations. Discussing the role of schools in promoting circular and climate-neutral practices within communities.

Digital technologies can enhance learning experiences and promote green transition and sustainable development in schools. At the New Education Forum panellists will discuss on innovative approaches highlighting the importance of student engagement and empowerment in driving sustainable practices within schools and communities. As well as, student-led initiatives, project-based learning, and the use of digital tools to inspire students to become active participants in the circular and climate-neutral economy.

Forum Timetable

The event will comprise three primary panel discussions.

Panel I: Policy and Governance, collaboration and partnerships in school modernisation:

What are the main challenges in addressing the gaps between labour market needs and the delivery of quality education in the context of school modernization?

Panel II: Smart Cities for Sustainable Schools:

How can smart city initiatives be effectively integrated into schools to promote sustainable practices and create environmentally friendly learning environments?

Panel III: Digital Learning Empowering Students as Agents of Change:

What role can digital technologies play in enhancing sustainability education in schools within the context of smart cities?

Greetings & Welcoming Statements




Deputy Minister for Education, Religious Affairs and Sport

Christos KELLAS

President of the Standing Committee on Cultural and Educational Affairs, Hellenic Parliament


Rector of University of Piraeus


Chairman of the Board, Center for Innovative Education


Our panellists


General Director, Center for Innovative Education


Public Sector & ICT Executive Director at NOVA


CEO & Founder, Moodle, Australia & Honorary Doctor, Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece (online)


EU Policy Assistant, EAC.C4, Digital Education, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium


Head of International Relations Office, University of Piraeus, Greece


Project Manager at Lascò S.R.L., Project Management Professional (Pmp)®, Educator and Journalist


Professor | Director MSc Program in Climate Crisis and Information and Communication Technologies, Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece

Andreas RIEPL

eEducation, Federal Ministry of Education, Austria


PhD Researcher, Imperial College, UK | Onassis Scholar | EU Climate Pact Ambassador | Founder, Sustainability for Students

Demetrios SAMPSON

Professor | Director MSc Program in Digital Learning | Director Research Lab Digital Systems for Learning and Education, Department of Digital Systems, University of Piraeus, Greece

Evangelia SAVVIDOU

Coordinator of the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth, Black Sea (SDSN Youth Black Sea) | Medical Doctor

Dr Sofoklis SOTIRIOU

Head of R&D Department, Ellinogermaniki Agogi


Head of the Department for VET and Qualifications in CEDEFOP

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