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InKEY project – Innovative tools to promote KEY competencies for lifelong learning – 1st TPM

On 14 June, at Contexts’ headquarters in Faro, representatives from Lascò (Italy), Center for Social Innovation – CSI (Cyprus), Femxa (Spain) and ΚΕΑΝ-Κύτταρο Εναλλακτικών Αναζητήσεων Νέων (Greece) met to start the InKEY project – Innovative tools to promote KEY competencies for lifelong learning. The preparation meeting defined the guidelines for the implementation of this project that aims to improve the employability of young NEETs.

👉🏻 The current political and economic scenario has exacerbated the existing vulnerabilities in the labor market and the disengagement of young people. After reaching a decade low in 2019, the pandemic has brought the number of young NEETs in the EU up to 13.7% in 2020, deeply affecting the engagement and empowerment actions sought by the EU Youth Strategy.

Innovative interventions are essential to build resilience and equip young people with the skills (social and professional) needed to challenge themselves and establish themselves in the labor market.

In this sense, the “InKEY” project will offer NEETs youth new digital programs and tools by analyzing existing learning opportunities and best practices in training, to adapt them and develop new learning programs, and also equip youth workers with the necessary skills and tools for empowerment.


The project is funded by the National Agency Erasmus+ Youth in Action and runs until April 2024

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