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The AB Vassilopoulos signed the Diversity Charter

AB Vassilopoulos signed the Diversity Charter, and committed to promoting diversity and equal opportunities for their staff. 

“It is clear that in AB Vassilopoulos we are accepting diversity not just as an initiative, but as a choice. Diversity for us is a way of life!”, said Dimitris Artikopoulos, VP HR/ OD of AB Vassilopoulos. 

Also, he remarked: “Our company employs over 14,500 people. Each one of them has his/her own personality, his/her own choices and beliefs. Our employees are encouraged to be everything they are already and everything they want to be, to dare, to take initiatives and to innovate. We respect the diversity of all, with obvious benefits for all “. 

The Diversity Charter is a European Commission initiative to implement equal opportunities at work. Greece is the 23rd European country to sign it. More than 150 private and public sector companies, with more than 50,000 employees, have already signed the Diversity Charter. 

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