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Who we are

KEAN is an open social youth association, founded in 2004, that fights for universal human values, peace, progress, prosperity and the protection of the environment.

It fights for the democracy, for safeguarding the rights of young people to work, for the environment, quality of life and social liberation, within the framework of a modern democratic and pluralistic society.

KEAN believes in the values of freedom, democracy, equality, social justice and solidarity and seeks the fullest possible development of the personality of individual.

Our Purpose

  • Defending young people's right to life. In particular, in the environment and working conditions.
  • The creation of an alternative model of daily life management that will have at its center the development of the personality and the release of the creative powers hidden within each young person, each human being.

We believe in the right of citizens, young people, to defend the environment and fight for a better life. That is why we choose as an organization the path of non-violent, but dynamic and uncompromising, active action.

We believe in documented and scientifically correct and reliable information for citizens. This is why we carry out scientific analyses, seminars and discussions.

We believe in New Technologies and their use for the benefit of citizens and the planet. That is why we seek to make them everyone's property by popularizing as much as possible the relevant issues and educating citizens in their use.

  • We promote another form of social organization, modern and progressive, without oppression, exploitation and alienation, based on political, social and economic democracy.
  • We support initiatives for the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage, for the development of our culture and for contemporary collective and individual creativity.
  • We strengthen the initiatives of citizens' movements defending the natural environment and quality of life.
  • We support social minorities and weak groups of the population in their resistance against social discrimination, state oppression, authoritarianism and violence.
  • We use high technology for the sustainable development of deprived areas.
  • Holding workshops-conferences on issues related to the problems of young people's everyday life.