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Shelter of unaccompanied minors in Larisa

Since the last days of November, when the shelter of Kean in Karitsa Larissa has opened its door and most precious hug to welcome the first unaccompanied minors in Thessaly, there have been made many efforts to provide them with many alternative perspectives of educational activities.

Except from the psychological and educational support (ie English and Greek language lessons, basic mathematical skills, cultural events, various and innovative mindfulness activities, which are oriented in obtaining certain social abilities, physical exercise and sports) at these days there is in progress an experiment: and its name is Web-KEAN Radio.

Generally speaking, radio consists a media mean that has a big history. Even in rough times, radio still ‘breathes” and receives love from its faithful listeners. It takes an enormous effort to modernize, adjust to a whole new era and broadcast via the web. Targeting in an intercultural communication without any kind of borders, in giving voice to the most vulnerable and diverse members of us, in teamworking in a multicultural environment and in paying attention to collaboration with other shelters we are producing at the moment our first trial programs, challenging ourselves with constant improvement.

Above this, we have begun shooting a documentary film, which is going to mediate our child-centered point of worldview. Taking advantage of our farsi interpreter’s directing experience, we are willing to try to give shape to children’s senses, to involve them in an artistic and healing procedure of self-expression, to make them define and enrich their dreams despite of their existing trauma.

Moreover, keeping on the effort of coping with the flow of unlimited communication with the local community we have, from the early beginning, established a sincere collaboration with variety of educational institutions. Our minors are given the opportunity to attend hairdressing courses with the prosperity of obtaining a professional certification, wrestling, fitness and swimming lessons. Also, in the near future it is formally arranged a cooperation with the local Art Gallery and other organizations, which include painting, sketching, theatrical, photography, musical, mixtape workshops. As the summer is approaching, a field near our hostel is an alternative chance for them, not only to get closer to nature, but to get familiar with the cultivation of Mediterranean products, which will help them to gain certain professional and life useful skills in general. 

We keep going, guided by the thought that in order for a flower to bloom, you don’t change the flower, you improve its growing environment. 

So, stay tune

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