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The Planetbook environmental board game is the first board game about the Environment.

It develops on a tree where there are three zones: 

- The 'grey zone', where the player answers questions related to events that have "hurt the planet" 

- The 'Zone of Hope and Participation', where the also participate the largest environmental organizations of our country (GreenPeace, WWF, Archelon, Mediterranean SOS, Organization Earth, Mom, PANDOIKO, Hellenic Ornithological Society and Evropaiki Ekfrasi) and and Evropaiki Ekfrasi).

- The 'zone where we save the planet'.

- There are 700 question cards, where the player is asked to answer questions related to EARTH, AIR, WATER, SUN as well as "grey" cards.

- There are also 50 NGO questions as well as action cards, where the player is rewarded for completing an activity for the environment (turning off a stand-by device, etc.).

The player's goal is to "collect" the pieces of a puzzle and rebuild the Earth

Planetbook is also available in a large floor version for play at large events and functions

Planetbook through the European Programme Planetise ;has been translated and adapted into seven other languages: English, German, Spanish, German, Turkish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese in collaboration with universities and institutions from all these countries.

With the support of

The questions are edited by The University of Athens and in particular the Department of "Centre for Research, Study and Applications in Environmental Education"  

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