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No K07.2017.10.09 Call for Expression of Interest for part time employment

KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities is announcing (1) vacancy and invites applications for the position of Cultural Mediator to conclude agreement of private-law, fixed-term and part time contract of employment, for the provision of cultural mediation services – interpretation services with knowledge of the Arabic Language.

The Cultural Mediator will be employed in the IAC – Information Assistance Centre which is addressed to refugees, asylum seekers (PoCs) and other vulnerable groups in the Municipality of Ioannina, under the framework of the implementation of the programme entitled «Operation of Information Assistance Centre – Pilot local integration project for PoC in Epirus» which is co-funded by UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees according to the Grant Agreement: UNHCR/GRC01/2017/0000000121.


Job Code Specialty No of Vacancies
007 Cultural Mediator with knowledge of the Arabic Language 1



Table of Required Formal Qualifications
Job Code Diploma/Degree and other required  formal qualifications
007 a)    Sufficient Knowledge of the Greek or the English Language. 

b)    Knowledge of the Arabic Language (as Mother Tongue).

 c)    Work Permit in Greece. 

d)    Good Command of Computers. 

e)    Curriculum Vitae, including working experience or/and volunteering experience in a similar job position during a period of up to 6 months. 


a)    Higher Education Diploma/Degree. 

b)    Knowledge of the Arabic Language, at least B2 Level.  

c)    Good Command of Computers. 

d)    Knowledge of the English Language, at least B2 Level. 

e)    Curriculum Vitae. 


Interested parties are also requested to include their personal contact details in their Curricula Vitae.   

The submission of the supporting documents shall begin on 09/10/2017 and ends on 18/10/2017 and all interested parties shall use the following title: “Application for the Job Position………….(with the respective Job Code)”and can take place either by E-mail to : or by post to the Head office of KEAN to the following address: Patroklou Street No 57, Postal Code: 13122 Ilion, Greece for the attention of Mrs Louka Sotiria.


For any further information please contact the number +30 210 26 92 880 or +30 2651 0 38024.

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