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Message by the President of the Board of Directors of KEAN

Dear Friends,

In an constantly changing world where the environment, the biodiversity, the human being and even social values are negatively affected, it would be good not to be a spectator but a protagonist.

Environmental degradation starts in our homes, our neighbourhoods and our cities. Each of us, therefore, has a responsibility towards the environment and towards future generations.

The problems are complex, but the solutions are simple, as long as we experience them. For this reason, an alternative model of managing everyday life is needed, one that focuses on the development of personality and the release of the creative powers of humankind for the benefit of our quality of life.

Innovation, new technologies and new investments can also be allies of a successful environmental strategy.

It is important to realise the potentials of the individual, to be informed and to organise ourselves in order to act effectively. KEAN contributes in this direction by raising public awareness and organising actions with the participation of citizens.

The environment and our lives are our business and we must put them in our own hands!

Stavros Milionis