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Horizon2020 – proGIreg – Final Conference Zagreb

On 13 & 14 September 2023, the proGIreg partners met in Zagreb for its final event, highlighting the main successes of the past 5 years. During the two day event, partners discussed the key results (such as the business model catalogue), as well as the approaches used to achieve these results. Furthermore, the City of Zagreb organised study visits to its nature-based solutions implementation sites.

ProGIreg stands for productive Green Infrastructure regeneration, and as such, aimed to implement nature-based solutions that provide measurable economic benefits, that go beyond merely the improvement of living conditions and the reduction of vulnerability, to citizens and entrepreneurs in post-industrial districts. Co-creation is also one of the principles of co-design for urban regeneration, alongside flexibility, long-term thinking, and experimentation. These principles, developed by project partner ICLEI Europe, were all applied in practice during workshops in the project cities, which beyond Zagreb, include front-runners Dortmund (Germany), Turin (Italy) and Ningbo (China) and follower cities Cascais (Portugal), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Piraeus (Greece), and Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

In the framework of proGireg project KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities adapted the findings of the project in the environmental board game “Planetbook” which is running more than 10 years in 700 schools. During the exhibition on first day, partners had the chance to explore the game in floor version and each them received a copy of board version in order to expand the results of the project in schools of all partner countries.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Innovation action programme under grant agreement no. 776528

This work was financially supported by the National Key Research and Development Programme of Cina (2017YFE0119000)

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