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During 6th-8th April 2022, the Final Transnational Project Meeting “Community manager for Inclusive Development of Vulnerable Areas based on heritage”, was held in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
On first day of the project meeting, partners met with Mr. Fulvio Bucci and Mrs. Marta Andrei, community managers of the area who shared their experiences on community management. They discussed on the final results of the project outputs and decided about the last details.
Partners had the opportunity to visit Castelnovo ne ‘Monti and meet 2 community managers who present-ed them local experiences and best practices of the lo-cal area. Of course, they visit a local association “Latteria sociale di Carnola” and had the opportunity to see how the most famous local product “Parmesan Cheese” is produced, and later they had a guided tour from professional guide of the area at “Pietra di Bis-mantova” .
The Final Transnational Meeting was a great opportunity to deepen national experiences and meet local stake-holders.

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