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Diversity Charter Greece

The “Diversity Charter” is being promoted in every EU member state since 2004.

The dissemination of the “Charter” in Greece is led by KEAN through the European Program DIMAIN in which KEAN has been participating since 2017. Several countries have already proceeded with the implementation and continuous strengthening of the European project of the dissemination of the Charter (for example France, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal), with their actions being backed by leaders such as Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as by Institutions, State Agencies, Ministries and Business Associations.

To sign the Diversity Charter visit the official site.


This Diversity Charter, adopted by us, aims to act as a commitment for the implementation of equal opportunities and diversity in the working environment in Greece.

Promoting and managing diversity in the workplace produce significant benefits at multiple levels, such as maximising efficiency, increasing productivity, improving and expanding corporate reputation, attracting and retaining talented professionals, facilitating access to new markets and providing services at global level, encouraging employees’ innovation and creativity and empowering cultural values within the working environment.

Within this framework, we commit to:

  1. Examine and ensure that the principle of equal opportunities and equal treatment irrespective of gender, race, colour, descent or ethnic origin, religious or other beliefs, disability or chronic disease, age, family or social status, sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics is ensured and strictly and constantly applied in all procedures.


  1. Understand, recognize and respect the diversity of our workforce and seek to promote it in order to contribute to the promotion of equality, mutual respect, acceptance and social cohesion.


  1. Promote and strengthen the individual characteristics of each employee and to build on their diversity, aiming at the development of a diverse and non-discriminatory working environment.


  1. Provide information and training to our employees on issues of diversity, diversity management and integration, with a focus on Human Resource executives, Human Resource Managers and Directors of Departments who are involved in the recruitment, training and management of human resources.


  1. Include diversity management in our corporate strategy, by developing annual policies and practices aiming to promote diversity and combat discrimination and to actively involve our employees in its implementation.


  1. Disseminate and provide information regarding the Diversity Charter, its implementation and our commitment both inside and outside the company or the organization.


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